Africa Diversified

Faith Imani Tindi

Join your host Tindi unpark conversations on redefining career growth, leveling up while ensuring psychological safety and wellness in the diaspora.

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How does the African immigrant professionals adjust to their newfound reality in the diaspora? Africa Diversified aims to leverage diaspora human capital by understanding the challenges executives face, examining the realities and implementing initiatives that advocates for Equity Inclusion and belonging while looking into the general wellbeing and promoting psychological safety.

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What Listeners are Saying

Bryan Kenji
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Looking forward to these necessary conversations.
Alem Neggetsi
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We have a wealth of skills and experience and it would help so much to have avenues to utilize them.
Dineo Dlamini
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Feeling safe to be able to express ourself without fear of being punished or humiliated enables one to perform at their best.